This floral dress of Katie Holmes is great for women with curves


Katie Holmesthat influencer an accident that carries just as well dresses, jeans, suits and, by the looks of it, what you put it, has become the best style reference for women who see in his style proposals easy to recreate and with which, moreover, can relate to others of different silhouettes to it, and with another age-that of the actress. Perhaps there resides its success, in that their outfits can be tailored to any body type, budget and dress code.

It is for this reason that, since the protagonist of Dawson”s Creek had taken off as a fashion guru last summer thanks to that bralette fabric of the brand Khaite that itself became a trend, each time it appears, it is on a red carpet or walking the streets of New York -as he often does-take note.

In this opportunity, Holmes has been one of the first to try out the trends for next spring to be seen as a version 2020 of the Oxford Shoes a few weeks ago and, more recently, with a dress of floral print with inspiration setentera made of light brown in color with motifs in yellow and blue, with V-neckline, long sleeves, fitted to the waist and long midi combined with high-heeled shoes color blue and a white bag.

Katie Holmes anticipated trends of this Spring with a floral dress with inspiration setentera.

© JP Yim

It was a design of Fendi that the ex of Tom Cruise took the party The Launch of Solar Dream that offered the mark just days before the start of the Fashion Week of New York, setting the mood for one of the most popular appointment of the Industry and in which, in addition, they launched the new collection of the Italian house.

Katie Holmes chose this dress to attend the party, The Launch of Solar Dream offered by Fendi in New York city.

© JP Yim

While not would describe Katie Holmes as a woman curvythis dress in particular is a excellent alternative for women who are. Do you see what I said at the beginning of this note? Both is neck deep in V, as the fit in the waist, are key elements both to accentuate curves in those who do not have many, as the actress, and to stylize and embrace of flattering the curves of those who do have them.

So, in the face of the spring, whatever your figure, you have here a reference of what you will be carrying in the coming months and how to do it well.