The pyrope of Miranda Kerr, ex-wife of Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry


They are a great family. As have been shown to ex-partners as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr they have also given a great lesson and have managed to maintain despite your separation an excellent relationship for the sake of their child in common. Proof of this is the great friendship that exists between the ex-wife of the actor and his fiancée, who Orlando Bloom is expecting a baby. Katy Perry is in the final stretch of your pregnancy and shared with his followers a photo showing off the pregnancy. The reaction of her fans did not wait, and the first to leave a comment it was Miranda Kerr. “Precious mom”, said the model next to an emoji of a smiley face surrounded by hearts.

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Yesterday I was planning to launch the first spacecraft private, hence the singer Roar get dressed with an outfit that is more galactic in its latest publication. The first launch of astronauts americans from u.s. soil in nine years was going to be a great event. Several stars were scheduled to participate in a program of Discovery and Science Channel was going to broadcast the event live, but ultimately could not be performed. “The launch of the space in vivo of today was cancelled due to the weather, but what are two more days when the @spacex has been waiting for 18 years …? Let us pray so that everything is ready for Saturday!”, shared Katy with their followers, who sent him good wishes for your next maternity, and published what pleasantly surprised you were to see how well they take Perry and Kerr.

-Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom hang your wedding in Japan

The hard blow that has suffered with Katy Perry shortly after announcing her pregnancy

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This is not the first token of affection that are engaged in publica year ago coincided with the launch of the new line of cosmetics by Miranda Kerr, an appointment in which there was no lack of the promised Bloom. “Thank you for shining with me”, wrote the model alongside a photo in which he is seen smiling next to Katy Perry . “I love you little sister”, answered the singer.

Since beginning his courtship with Orlando Bloom, it is common to see Perry enjoy together the son of the actor and Miranda with the that we’ve seen strolling around Los Angeles. Very soon Flynn, of nine years, it will become the perfect big brother of the new son of Katy and Orlando, a task for which they are trained, as Miranda is the mother of two other children, Hart, of two years, and Myles, seven months, born of her marriage with entrepreneur Evan Spiegel.

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Katy and Orlando you count the days to see the little face of your baby. The american singer, 35, announced your pregnancy shortly before he decreed the criris of the coronavirus. During the confinement he has been telling his followers the roller coaster of feelings that has been experiencing in these days of isolation. Despite the fact that he had never imagined to live this experience as well, Katy has tried to not lose the smile even for an instant, and has given us moments of great fun, by disguising itself as a toilet paper or hand sanitizer. A happiness that momentarily marred when they were forced to postpone their wedding which was to be held in Japan. “Katy was really excited to walk down the aisle pregnant”, told a source close to the couple to the magazine People, but I was afraid that the coronavirus could cause problems for their 150 guests and, therefore, decided to postpone it.