It unexpected! Former spouse of Khloé Kardashian reacted to her change of look


The famous socialite, Khloé Kardashian, has been one of the celebrities that has taken advantage of the confinement required, the product of the health crisis that sparked the new coronavirus, to change your physical appearance. Despite the fact that the member of the dynasty Kardashian-Jenner, it is one of the more physical changes it has made; it seems that is never enough. Then show off your new and updated outfit the entire Internet exploded, including his former spouse.

Last Friday, may 22, the actress of “Keeping Up With Tthe Kardashians“ he shared on the social network snapshots, two photographs that have left their followers with no breaths. In less than 24 hours, these images managed to collect more than five million ‘likes’, besides hundreds of comments, not only from his fans but also his colleagues and friends, who could not ignore the novelty.

The former spouse of the socialite broke the silence

Then take the change to look through all your social networkssharing the change with more than 112 million followers, came up with a appearance completely unexpected. This is Tristan Thompson, the former spouse of Khloé Kardashian and the father of her only daughter, True Thompson. Though apparently they are separated emotionally, both has a family quite attached, which assures it will be vital to the growth of the girl of two years.

To solidify their relationship, the star of professional basketball, he thought that it would be good to comment on the photo of ex. With two emojis of a fire arm muscles ensured that he was in full agreement with the change of look of your former spouse. Of course, that this comment was attacked by fans and haters of the socialite. Who in fact ensure that both celebrities are giving themselves a second chance.

It should be noted that up until the matriarch of the dynasty, Kris Jenneremphasized that her daughter Khloé slept with Tristan. In the face of these declarations, the mother of True decided deny it all. The relationship with your former spouse has been in the eye of the hurricane, I’ve even caused the celebrity to respond with all its desire through its official Twitter account. There secured with caps that was his life, and that nobody knew her really.