The new haircut of Evangeline Lilly recalls the Wasp from the comics – movie News


Marvel fans are wondering if the change of the ‘look’ of the actress will be linked with their appearance in ‘Avengers 4’.

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Recently we saw Evangeline Lilly at Ant-Man and the Waspmaking its debut as the superheroine of Marvel and wearing new looks as your character. Now, a new image that has published the actress could give clues about the next change of ‘look’ Hope Van Dyne.

The cutting of hair with which it appears Lilly in the photo you posted on Instagram it is very similar to the original design of the Wasp original in the comics, by what the fans have rapidly begun to wonder if this will have something to do with his participation in future work of the study. But, despite the fact that it is confirmed his brief appearance in Avengers 4, the production of the tape has already taken placetherefore, it seems unlikely, except in the case of a post-credits scene of the last hour.

Therefore, it is more likely that, in any case, this change is related to some other projectbut maybe the actress can wear also in the future of UCM. How would you like to? Remember that the 3 may hit theaters the following Avengers: Infinity War and that before you’ll be able to enjoy another superheroine, as the 8 of march premieres Captain Marvel.