Michelle Obama boasts of his impressive physical form


By Bang Showbiz @CARASmexico

In the united States, the political tradition dictates that the First Ladies to adopt one or several causes in which tipped during the tenure of their husbands and the eight years of Michelle Obama in the White House are characterized by their relentless fight against child obesity through programs that promote physical activity among young people and rushed to the schools and colleges to serve their students healthy food, leaving aside the processed foods, and fast food.

Despite his intense agenda, Michelle has always been characterized by maintaining a very active lifestyle and demonstrated their physical fitness countless times, challenging for example to a contest of push-ups to her good friend Ellen DeGeneres when he visited it in his television program or receiving the presenter James Corden in his private gym for a good morning to show you how training.

As expected, now that you have more free time, she has continued exercising regularly, and this Sunday, wanted to share in Instagram a photograph of your routine this weekend to celebrate the international day of well-being.

“Not at the time always makes you feel good, but then I’m always happy to have stepped foot in the gym. How is was cared for in this Sunday?”, he has written Michelle next to the picture, in that appears lifting a medicine ball above your head while performing a squat.

The comments section of the publication has filled of messages marveling at his impressive musculature.

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