Eminem details the uncomfortable joke that made him Michael Jordan


Photo Eminem: DoD News Features, Wikipedia / Photo Michael Jordan: Netflix

The idol of basketball Michael Jordan has returned to be at the center of media attention after the premiere of The Last Dancea docuserie of Netflix in that it looks back on his impressive career.

By these days personalities such as actress Carmen Electra and the wrestler Mark Henry have told their stories related to Jordan. Another that joined this round of personal narratives is Eminem, who gave an interview by telephone to the channel of the Southpawer (via The News UK to remember the day in which he challenged Michael to a game of basketball in Detroit.

The rapper 47-year-old pointed out that he had called the player to comment on a new line of running shoes, so I took the opportunity to ask him when I would go to Detroit:

“I was chatting on the phone with him, and everything was great; he’s great. All was well until we got to the end of the call, and I said: ‘Friend, when are you going to come to Detroit so that you can encestarte?'”.

The author of hits like “Lose Yourself” confessed that then Jordan answered him not anything, so that was a moment of embarrassing and uncomfortable for both of them: “they Were crickets, I don’t remember exactly what he said, but I think that simply said ‘Ja, ja’.”

Then, Eminem was rushed to finish the communication so as to not “ruin it” even more. It even came to think that the athlete then would not have wanted to return to communicate with him because of that joke without grace, which in his mind had sounded good, but turned out to be stupid when said aloud. Fortunately, both celebrities remained in contact after that, for the collaboration in question related to a running shoes special edition.

A curious fact is that a pair of sneakers inspired by them came to be sold for sums so exorbitant as $30,000.

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