What is it made? Khloé Kardashian hits with tremendous change of face


Khloé Kardashian added to the list of celebrities that decided to get a change of look during this quarantine because of the coronavirus; however, fans point out that she is passed out the hand.

The sexy socialite left behind his classical and sensual long hair blond to look a chestnut brown with golden reflections, it has already been flattered by several on the Internet.

In the pictures you’ve posted in your account of Instagram, she poses wearing a corset white while he proudly displays his new mane; in addition to a tan, spectacular.

“Location: beneath the skin of a bitch 💋”, was the message that accompanied the gallery.

The comments and opinions of their friends and family, about the new look, not made and we did know that it looked beautiful.

“Oh my beautiful girl! Wow!!!”, wrote Kris Jenner. Malika, best friend of Khloé, she added: “Off”, while her ex Tristan Thompson said: “Baddie… PD: I agree with the title.”

Another person

What has struck me is the excess of filters used by the celebrity, so much so that it really looks like a different person. Your most faithful fans were not happy with the outcome, as it ensures that she doesn’t need so much retouching.

For its part, the critic in the fashion of Univision Jomari Goyso he shared the recent image along with another of herself in which looks like with the face that everyone will recognize. The differences are striking, to such an extent that they seem to be two different women.

Next to the publication the Spanish spoke of the use of filters by commenting out the following:

“I think that the filters we are going to destroy the self-esteem of the world. (I love Khloé, and I know it, I’ve worked with her, to not begin to invent or misunderstand ). She put today the photo on the left, and I was surprised… I Know that people many times assume operations, and many more things, but the most harmful thing are filters. I USE A THOUSAND TIMES!!!! (Relaxation). Like any other time I have told you, the psychologists call this problem #falsasexpectativas, because it creates a reality that is a lie, but people do not know and when they look in your house in the mirror you want to 🤯…. 🤷🏻♂️ understand me?”.


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