The visit of Olivia Munn to Alex Gonzalez in Galicia


The american actress Olivia Munn he is in Spain. The bride of Alex Gonzalez he has visited the galician region of the Estuary of Arousa, where the actor has just started shooting the second season of the series Live without permission. Although Telecinco has not yet premiered the first season, the recordings of the second have already begun, as he has shared the actor with his followers in a video on his account of Instagram Stories. The couple enjoy a few days together in the Rías Baixas, but they are still taking their relationship with the utmost discretion. So far have not posted photos together of your stay in Spain.

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Days after you know that you have entered in the Academy of Hollywood, Olivia Munn has echoed in their social networks of their trip for leisure and pleasure to Spain. The actress posted pictures during a refreshing dip in the swimming pool in a corner of the idyllic of the galician coast and shared with his followers a unique moment while enjoying a ride on water scooter. Olivia posted a video in which you can see a herd of wild dolphins around you. “A herd of wild dolphins swam today around me in the ocean and I was in heaven. Anyone who goes to a hotel which advertises that you can swim with a dolphin, you know, please, that these dolphins are in captivity and deserve to live a free life in the ocean, and not in confinement,” he said as a great defender of animals that is.

Meanwhile, the actor combines their leisure time with the filming of the new chapters of this series based on the figure Nemo Bandeira, a capo of drug trafficking galician who sees how his life must change to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Bandeira shall choose his substitute at the head of his business while trying to distance its industry from the illegality with the order to leave a secure future for your family.

The couple of actors began dating just a few months. A source close to the couple confirmed to their relationship in the past month of April. “Yes, they are coming out and it is relatively new”. The protagonist of the series The Prince has fallen surrendered to the charms of this interpreter, 37-year-old, afro-asian-american. Olivia is known for her characters in action films such as Iron Man, Mordecai and some of the movies X-Men, saga in the that coincided.


The saga X-Men could be the nexus of union of Álex González with the attractive installation boot. Olivia Munn works in a new movie X-Men: Phoenix Dark, in addition to the remake of Predatorand the Spanish actor a few years ago, in 2011, participated in X-Men: First class. The Spanish actor spends long seasons in Los Angeles where he has promoted the series of Netflix Orbit 9 in which she shared the deal with Clara Lago, while Olivia Munn has completed filming Predator andn Vancouver (Canada).


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