The new Benjamin Amadeo, with Delfina Chaves, and other videos to view on quarantine


Benjamin Amadeo

Benjamin Amadeo

presented his new song “let’s Go”, which he composed in January, and the video that he was putting together with records of the last few months, done in your home. “It is a song that was intended as the last song on the disc and never imagined that I would be a cut of diffusion, but I felt that resignificó with this new reality that the whole world is living. Now the song seems to say more things. I’m very excited to share it”, explained to accompany the release. In addition, the video has the participation of actress

Delfina Chaves

who also, from your home, autofilmó and was sending the images to the final edition of Benjamin.


Also in isolation “cuarenténico” was made the new video

Ellie Goulding

on the theme of “Power”, which will be part of the next album of the singer. “I wanted to launch this song, included in my new album as a sample of the world of what will be the disc! ‘Power’ speaks of relationships in the 21st century; how they can be influenced by social networks, superficiality and material things. Start going out with someone sometimes comes along with lies and exaggerations. The girl in the song is disillusioned by love and the cruel people, a good-looking and are obsessed with the ending being”.


“Together” is the new theme of


one of the ten songs that are part of the movie that she herself wrote. It is


, a work based on a short story that she wrote in 2007. Now commissioned, along with Dallas Clayton, the screenplay of this production, starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom, Jr. and Maddie Ziegler.



Jonas Brothers

assembled computer with

Karol G

and they released “X”, which in just three days was more than three and a half million views on YouTube.


While some people become depressed, others the quarantine gets creative. And this seems to be the case

Charli XCX

he would have written and recorded an entire album of eleven songs in just six weeks.

How I’m Feeling Now

is the name of his album quarantine.

Another of the artists inspired in the landfill is


, which has just released an EP called

Three dots

that resulted in a comprehensive manner in the last few weeks.

The fourth disc of


you do not yet have a release date. The only thing that is known is that the Spanish singer intends to publish it at the end of the european summer (winter in the Southern hemisphere). In advance of this Friday presents the theme of “This train”.


Until the 22nd, this Thursday you can enjoy

“The night of the balconies”

that the Government of the City of Buenos Aires offers through the account of Instagram


with artists neighborhood that offered performances from their balconies.

In this link you can know who are participating


Also this Thursday, from 21, you will be able to see and hear the streaming

Miau Trio.

Dew Katz, Mariana Michi and Rocio Iturralde propose that the price of the show put the public (from 100 pesos). You will be able to access inputs through


Les Luthiers

continues to rise to

his Youtube channel

several of his complete shows. This week it’s the turn of the Premios Mastropiero. In addition,

in the web page of the group

you can find all the shows available