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The cinemas may be closed, but there are still new movies that they will arrive this week for people to enjoy. A great variety of new releases are coming out on streaming this weekend, either through the main streaming services, purchase or digital rental. Whatever the case, there’s no shortage of options for those looking for something new to watch.

This week’s offers include all the range. We have a great comedy studio that makes its debut on Netflix, is a thriller of terror only, Simon Pegg as have never seen it before and a couple of recent successes that will eventually come to streaming services. Here are the selections for the transmission of this week.

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The lovebirds – Netflix

The lovebirds

This is easily the new launch highlight of the week. The Lovebirds originally debutarΓ­an at SXSW in march, before the closure of the event. Apparently, Paramount Pictures had high hopes for the comedy, which sees Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae in the leading roles. Michael Showalter, who previously collaborated with Nanjiani in the Oscar nominated The great sick, is in the director’s chair. The comedy was sold to Netflix in a deal striking that pleased both parties, because Paramount could not come out in the cinemas at this time, and also gave the streaming service a nice title for being the host exclusive. The film focuses on a couple who, unwittingly, find themselves entangled in a bizarre mystery of murder. The critics have been kind to this until now, because it has an approval rate of 81 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Airs on Netflix beginning on may 22.

Body cam – digital

Body cam

Available on digital platforms now, we have a new horror / thriller starring Mary J. Blige, and Nat Wolff. Directed by Malik Booth, Body Cam focuses on a group of officers from LAPD that they should try to cover up the murder of a young black man getting rid of the video images from your camera body. However, end up being chased by an evil spirit. The reviews have been a bit confusing on this issue, but could be an option for the fans of horror looking for something new.

Buffalo – digital


Actress Zoey Deutch leads Buffaloed, which is now available through digital platforms. Directed by Tanya Wexler, the comedy focuses on a woman who is desperate to escape his life in Buffalo, New York and, as a result, finds the way to become a debt collector. This guy went unnoticed at the beginning of this year, but was received reasonably well by critics, as it currently has an approval rating of 77 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Inheritance – digital


Also of note this week is the heritage. This is the last thing the director Vaughn Stein, who previously headed The terminal but he has worked as director of second unit on several major films in the past. Available digitally on may 22, the film stars Lily Collins and Simon Pegg, who suffered a physical transformation significant for its role. Pegg is also playing against type here, as that is very serious and in no way intended to be the premiere comedian. Focuses on the patriarch of a family rich and powerful, who dies suddenly. This leaves his wife and daughter to pick up the pieces. It reveals a shocking inheritance a secret that threatens to destroy their lives.

The last moment of clarity – digital

The last moment of clarity

The last moment of claritythat now comes digitally, is headed by Samara Weaving. The promising actress is ready to star Bill and Ted face the music at the end of this year, but first, she has this thriller in their agenda. The film focuses on Sam, who, after his girlfriend is murdered by mobsters european, flees to Paris to hide. Years later, he meets a woman in a movie that is sure that is Georgia. Then it goes to Los Angeles to investigate where it meets Kat, who offers to help him. Colin Krisel and James Krisel direct.

The trip to Greece – digital

The trip to Greece

Here we have what easily could be the The best option for those in search of comedy pure this week. The trip to Greece once more, reunites Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon for another adventure that will end his The trip series. The film began a decade ago with the first entry and inspired several sequels. This time, the two are directed to Greece to find restaurants, hotels and places of tourist interest. Director Michael Winterbottom is behind the camera and, according to the initial critical reaction, this latest addition to the series has not lost momentum. Is available on digital platforms from the 22nd of may.

Once were brothers – digital

Once were brothers

For lovers of classic rock, The Band is truly legendary. Eleven Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the band is a new documentary that chronicles the iconic group, tracing its days backing Bob Dylan in order to become a group massively influential in their own right. The document will be available digitally starting from 22 may. Daniel Roher is in the director’s chair.

Rocketman – Video from Hulu / Prime


One of the most successful critics of the last year is finally coming to the transmission. As of may 22, Rocketman will Hulu and Amazone Prime Video. The biopic of Elton John, starring Taron Egerton as the icon of music, won the Oscar for best original song for I’m going to love me again. The film serves as a biopic non-traditional, that narrates the ascent of the star to fame through musical numbers choreographed numbered by the singer through flashbacks. Dexter Fletcher is in the director’s chair.

The painter and the thief – Hulu

The painter and the thief

For those who are in the mood for a documentary, The painter and the thief will debut on Hulu on the 22nd of may. Directed by Benjamin Rees, focuses on the artist Czech Barbora Kysilkova, the one who develops a friendship unlikely with a man who stole two of his paintings. So it may be worth, this currently has an approval rating of 100 percent unblemished at Rotten Tomatoes, so it seems hard to go wrong here.

Ready or not – HBO

Ready or not

One of the horror films most heralded critically, 2019, is coming to HBO on may 23. Ready or notdirected by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, was a box-office success discreet and is also starring Samara Weaving. In it, she plays Grace, who marries the man of her dreams in her luxurious estate. However, there is a trap, because you must hide from midnight until dawn in what appears to be a game harmless, at least at the beginning. But Grace soon realizes that his new in-laws are trying to hunt with guns, crossbows, and other weapons. She must try desperately to survive the night by any means necessary.

Come with daddy – Amazon Prime

Come with daddy

Here we have one for the multitude of terror which stars Elijah Wood in the lead role. Come with daddythat begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video the 23 may, is the last of the director Ant Timpson. The film sees a man-privileged child that comes to the beautiful and secluded cottage coastal that belonged to your father separately. They have not been seen in 30 years. He quickly realizes that his father is not only a moron, but who also has a past secret that is quick to achieve it.

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