Sarah Michelle Gellar shows on Instagram that are against the health-care system


The actress talks about the problems that he suffered after giving birth and claimed the aids health in the US

Updated 11/05/2017 09:19

The healthcare reform is still the order of the da in the policy of the united States, as the current president intends to repeal the Obamacare. Before this, various known faces like Jimmy Kimmel have expressed their ideas in a very personal way, with emotional messages based on their experiences. The last that has given that talk: the publication on Instagram of the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Makes it so only five days, Jimmy Kimmel, presenter of the talkshow Jimmy Kimmel Live! capt the attention of all of your public and media with an emotional message with which he remembered between tear the suffering from the disease of your child newly born. The tv star is desmarc the tone of their normal program and not dud in taking advantage of this time to to claim public health services in the united States.

For this pas’an seems to be a utopia, generated a lot of debate around it and is not for less because the healthcare reform known as American Health Care Act endorsed by Donald Trump intends to replace Obamacare, and with it all the progress that was achieved in the realm of health care.

In march, the republicans did not count with enough support to repeal the law of president Barack Obama that gave access to more than 15 million people to the health. But since a few days this matter returns to be the protagonist in the panorama politician since to finish with this reform is one of the main purposes of Trump.

Once ms, polmica est served. Sarah Michelle Gellar also be added to the cause. The protagonist of Buffy Vampire Slayer he has shared in Instagram a publication in which it shows against the health coverage that promotes the current president. The actress has shown what experiment when she gave birth in 2009 to their first daughter Charlotte Grace: “Having children is wonderful, and it changes your life, and it is rarely something for which you have prepared. I love my children more than anything in the world. But just like other women, I also luch against depression postpartum after he was born my first baby”, has written in his account.

The message is blunt, in l explains no-holds-barred depression that I suffered and how achievement overcome it “I got help and super, and all the days since then have been the greatest gift that jams pruning have asked for”. Moreover, it encourages all those who are going through the same thing that happened to her “know that you do not estis alone and that truth is going to better. And if you think that depression postpartum should be covered by the health, please tmate a moment and go to today, find your representative and hzselo know. #NoEsUnaCondicinPreexistente”

As has happened to Jimmy Kimmel your words have not fallen on deaf ears and have shocked many people, but above all serve inspiracin and example of fighting for a social ideal which seems not to arrive.

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