Lives proud to be a latina Nikki Bella, the daughter of a mexican father


SAN ANTONIO — When a teenager, Stephanie Nicole Garcia was a fervent fan of Jennifer Lopez, to the point that became one of their role models.

With the passing of the years, Stephanie and her sister Brianna Monique entered the world of modeling and acting and later, in 2007, joined as a talent development of the WWE in its territory of then Florida Championship Wrestling.

There were born the Bella Twins, Nikkie and Brie, that have become icons of the company since they made their debut in 2008. This was listed as a star of his own series actually, Total Divas, which explores the life out of the ring to both.

Now that Brie enjoys her pregnancy after marriage with the retired wrestler Bryan Danielson, Nikki fight five times in a week to the brand Smackdown Live, and at the same time maintaining a romantic relationship in real life with the icon of the WWE John Cena.

Within all of that glamour, Nikki never forgets his Latin heritage.

“I feel so proud to be a latina,” explained Nikki prior to the recent Royal Rumble. “When I grew up and being a latina, with my father and be able to do so many traditions of hispanics. I love it.”

The fighter, whose father Joe is mexican, grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and made Lopez his main role, who was identified to develop physically faster than other girls her age. The actress of puerto rican descent, in fact, was a motivation in the life of the adolescent.

“My idol was Jennifer Lopez. I matured in a different way to the others. I was wondering, how is it possible that I was 10 years old and looked 15 and they did not. Jennifer Lopez was an inspiration for me,” explained Nikki, of 33 years. “It’s funny, because when I came out on the cover of Latina Magazine I spoke of that, and when the magazine started was in the sixth grade and it was something very important for me because being a Latin girl and she’s a Latin I identified with her.”

The twins were the cover of the magazine in 2016, shortly before the return of Nikki to the ring after a serious neck injury, and months after that Brie announced his retirement to start a family, something that has Nicole extremely excited, because until the marriage of her twin with Danielson they had always made his life together.

“I can hardly wait, my sister has this amazing glow. I feel as if it were my first child also, is my twin identical,” said Nikki. But the decision of starting a family meant the separation of the two, at least in the ring, as still forming part of the show of reality television. This, however, has motivated to shine by its own light, something that was partially in the past when he was world champion with the belt Diva.

“At first, I felt kind of lonely, but what I realized. Now I can prove to people that I am an individual person, I don’t have to be a twin to Bella to make me a name. Now I can be Nikki Bella, Fearless Nikkie”, he said smiling, “But there are moments like the Royal Rumble and at different times that I would like to share with Brie, and I miss it. Like when I do fights in couples… I miss my sister Brie. It has its ups and its downs.”

Between your next goal, outside of wrestling, Nikki would like to learn more Spanish. v “I’m so proud, from the food, the women, the curves. I just need to talk a little bit more Spanish,” concluded the eldest of the Garcia


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