James Cameron on the movie of Resident Evil: “you Are wonderfully made”


James Cameron, the famous director of authentic blockbusters as Titanic or Avatar and that now, precisely, is working in the different sequels of Avatar (despite the downturn in the global crisis-cov), has collaborated with the middle Empire in an article on the history of cinema, coming out in defense of a famous film adaptation based on a popular video game series from Capcom, Resident Evil, ensuring that he is “wonderfully made”.

Praise for the actress Michelle Rodriguez

As well, the famous filmmaker says that during the cuarenten has reviewed at least the adaptation orignal Resident Evil 2002 in charge of Paul W. S. Anderson with the actress Milla Jovovich as the main protagonist, a film that gave rise to a good number of sequels that were extended until 2016 with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. But back to the original film, Cameron makes sure that you will love and that really see how it is done.

“One of my pleasures cupables that I really do think that you are wonderfully made is Resident Evil”, the director assures us the Empire. In addition, spares no praise for the actress Michelle Rodriguez and his role in that movie and that would be involved years later in Avatar: “Seeing Michelle Rodriguez in this film, moving like a creature of the wild, is a pleasure,” concludes the director.

Since the end of the film saga of Resident Evil in the film, is already working on a new reboot the same with the filmmaker James Wan (Saw, Aquaman, Record Warren) as the head and that would have to Johannes Roberts as a writer and director, a new reboot that is intended to be much more faithful to the video game of the saga starring Milla Jovovich, that with every new movie is one remove from the actual more of the original concept.

Precisely, Milla Jovovich he stars in the upcoming movie Monster Hunterbased on another legendary video game franchise from Capcom.

Source | Empire


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