Film, bit, and what is coming in the next few years


It is not easy to succeed in the great benchmarks of leisure. Both the music, as the sport, the cinema, or literature, as there can be no other way, the video games, always depend on a luck factor that, to a greater or lesser extent, are linked to the ability of the people involved in squeeze out an idea up to the maximum. However, few are the occasions in which a movie based on a video game has managed to wowing audiences and critics to part the same. Will we see an unprecedented success in future cinematic adventures? Let’s review the most interesting projects that we have before us.

The odyssey Uncharted

After the resounding success one of the sagas most spectacular the last few decades, it was almost a secret that it had to pass to the world of celluloid. However, the expectation that has raised the project has played against. Many have been the changes he has experienced the film, although it seems that their actors have already been chosen. Tom Holland will be Nathan Drake, while Mark Wahlberg will the times of Victor Sullivan.

Tom Holland will play a young Nathan Drake

Nathan Fillionthe actor known for his role in Castleshe starred in a couple of years ago an indie short and was positioning itself, along with Chris Prattas the hero perfect for the adventure, although in the end this did not happen. The film will be the first project of Sony PlayStation Productions and, despite having been announced back in the year 2016, it seems that will be the next year when we have the possibility of seeing it on the big screen.

Monster Hunter or the bare-bones film Paul W. S. Anderson

Despite the fact that the british director has a long career in the cinema, with the fame obtained from the adaptations of Resident Evilit seems that your choice to carry Monster Hunter the cinema is the ideal to get a valuable product. However, given that one of the protagonists the tape will be his wife Milla Jovovichperhaps the project will find some parallelism with the success that obtained the first tape of the saga zombie.


Surely, also, the movie be used, since that already appear in the trailer filter that I leave on these lines, some items, monsters and locations similar to those appearing on its counterpart in the world of the video game. The key question is: what will be the film the sufficiently entertaining as to leave the spectator with the mouth open, or we will have to being satisfied with eating popcorn with the mask half-put?

Mario and Megaman as the following icons to visit the big screen

Since many of us still have to live with the terrible memoryincreasingly become a cult movie in our brains nostalgic, of the live action film Mario, that Super Mario Bros in the year 1993, it seems that the waters return to their channel with the future adaptation one of the most popular sagas in the history of the video game, although this time it will be in a tape animation the use. The study Illuminationcommissioned to give life to the Minionwill be in charge of delighting us with a new story Mario and company.


Finally, given that it is one of the games that more hours me occupied throughout my childhood, it also seems that Megaman might get to this side of the universe, thanks to the acquisition of the rights the character on the part of 20th Century Fox. However, due to the acquisition of this production by Disneythe project has postponed on so many occasions, that we do not dare to give an approximate date of the real-life version of the tape. Can you imagine the amount of stories that can be told with the participation of the Robot Masters, Dr. Willy or Dr. Light?


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