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Disney plans to The “New Mutants”, a movie derived from the series of “X-Men”, to be released in cinemas on the 28th of August, at least in the U.S., where they still remain closed in major cities and without the opening date.

This film was scheduled to arrive to the big screen in march, just when it started a global pandemic that also forced the cancellation of premieres as expected as the new “Mulan” or the latest installment of the franchise, James Bond, “No Time to Die”.

During these months, Disney had not reserved in the calendar a new day to present “The New Mutants”, which will become the second tape of the giant of the entertainment in getting to theaters after the confinement, since “Mulan” will a month before, on the 24th of July.

At the moment it is impossible to determine if these dates will remain in the rest of the countries as it will depend on the conditions of health and of their own authorities.

It is also not clear if the releases planned for this summer will come to all the movie theaters in the U.S.because while some states, some towns have started opening businesses, large cities like New York and Los Angeles have planned a confinement longer.

For example, yesterday the mayor of the county of Los Angeles where is located Hollywood, predicted that it would increase until the month of July.

The film “The New Mutants” is based on a series of comic strips created in the 80’s that expanded the universe of “X-Men” and focused on the adventures of a group of mutant teenagers with extraordinary abilities that are locked up in a kind of psychiatric.

In the progress of the film appear Maisie Williams, famous for playing Arya Stark in “Game of Thrones”; the interpreter of Latin origin, Anya Taylor-Joy, known for tapes as “The Witch” (2015) or “Split” (2016); and the brazilian Alice Braga, popular for having starred in the u.s. version of “the queen of The south”.

In addition, the leaders announced a possible cameo from Antonio Banderas the who do not know more details.

The film has experienced numerous setbacks since the move the first images of the project in 2017, at which time it was chained to a postponement amid rumors that the film needed a lot of retouching, such as, for example, to shoot new scenes.


Watch the trailer subtitling of “18 in the present”

Trailer subtitled by “18 in the present”


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