Dennis Rodman knew how to do business inside and outside of the NBA


When we think of Dennis Rodman, many times we just think a person as rude, that might have been the defensive player most dangerous of the NBA, in addition to irreverent.

But not only was he a player that sought to take advantage of their free time out of party and being a couple of Carmen Electra, but he also knew how to take advantage of these sprees in his favor at the game.

During your stay with Chicago Bulls, Rodman there appeared to a press conference I had programmed the computer, and decided to fly to an event of WCW that would be transmitted to the global level.

Rodman he was punished with a fine of 20 thousand dollars and a warning Phil Jackson, coach of the Bulls, however, this bill came out pretty cheap, as for your escape to the struggles I would have given him 250 thousand dollars, so the joke went pretty well.

Without a doubt, in addition to a great player in the NBA, Rodman knew how to do business.

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