¡Camila Mendes ended with her boyfriend!


Oh, no. These loves of summer are ending. According to some rumors out there, Camila Mendes ended with her boyfriend Victor Houston. Yes, the handsome with which he was dating for two months. Apparently it was the actress Riverdale that ended up with him. OMG!

According to E! Newsthe actress decided to finish with him because he could no longer continue in the relationship. This happened just before the ComicCon and apparently things didn’t end so well. Victor is super sad by the decision of Camila. It broke my heart!

The strange thing is that chen is reported to the end of their relationship, many fans of the actress began to send messages of hatred to Victor for social networks. However, when the entire world learned that Camila was the one who ended up with it, apologized, and left to bother.

The courtship of Camila Mendes with Victor Houston began in Junewhen we begin to notice the many pictures of both together your social networks, especially in Instagram of Victor. The actress later confirmed the dating and everything was going well, although recently they noticed that Victor took all the photos that I had with Camila on social networks. OMG!

In the end, hopefully Camila be sure of your decision, after all has always been very discreet with his personal life.


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