Ashley Tisdale and Belinda, how collaboration view? | Music


Can you imagine two teen idols of the mid-2000 in a collaboration? Well, looks like that’s going to happen. All indications are that the former star of Disney Channel, Ashley Tisdale, and the mexican singer Belinda they are preparing something. The evidence we refer you, sir.

Test number 1: The last Friday uploaded a photo together with their networks.

Ashley and Belinda did not coincide in an event, you were! The two singers published in their respective accounts of Instagram. While Belinda wrote “Finally I found myself with this sweet and amazing girl”Ashley also dedicated a few beautiful words: “I found my girl, Belinda, come back soon!

We will, that there was feeling between the two girls and fell good, and what better way to demonstrate the good vibes given off by singing together?

Test number 2: Ashley is a declared fan of Belinda

“I listen to this song all the time…I don’t know what that says but I love it”wrote Tisdale in a publication of Twitter two years ago. It was the theme In the Dark and, although the american artist, I did not understand a word of what he said, not I could remove the head.

Test number 3: Belinda suggested him to directly do something

The mexican artist replied to Tisdale: “Thank you very much! I adore your work and definitely we should do something together very soon”. Although two years have passed and it seemed that “that soon” would never come, who knows if now is the time.

Test number 4: Ashley Tisdale has a channel of Covers on Youtube

Ashley Tisdale has had several years of uploading covers to Youtube. On your channel take the opportunity to invite some of his friends such as Vanessa Hudgens or Lucas Gabreel (classmates of his from High School Musical) to sing with her.

We do not miss anything that the artist invited Belinda to record a song with her for his channel. In addition, we now carry a lot of remixes among artists, latino and anglo-saxon.

From LOS40, we strongly urge two singers to do a collaboration. It would encourage Ashley to sing the theme song of In the Dark that he liked it so much.


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