Tom Cruise is in black list of Bugatti, discover why/ VIDEO


There are times that money can’t buy everything, even though you have, so is the case of the actor Tom Cruise who for a small trastabilleo was included in the black list of Bugatti, of such luck that can’t buy a car zero kilometer, at least with them directly.

If you ask what is the reason, this is not nothing more and nothing less, of a failure to open the front passenger door of his Veyron 2005in a gala presentation at the 2006.

After making a arrival spectacular on-board of a car in which he spent little more than 1 million euroswith 1001 horsepower, with an engine of 16-cylinder in W8 liter turbo, it was down near the red carpet and open the door of his then-wife, Katie Holmes, but he could not until the third attempt.

Without a doubt, the premiere of Mission Impossible 3 in 2006, he left a mark to one of the actors recognized for your interest in super cars, but until the time Bugatti will not grant other keys, until who knows when. Without more you share the video, inviting you to pay attention in minute one.