this time with the styling of the two (mini) light streaks (or in the form of a braid)


The decade of the 90’s marked a before and an after, thanks to its eye-catching aesthetics, and although many want to leave it in the past -buried-, has returned to stay. Gradually, the trends of yesteryear are back to shine with its own light again, three decades laterand so what we see in the world of fashion. They are now light streaks and the braids on the mode of long fringe that reappear, and will so show.

The discoloration is back in fashion

As if the spectre of Geri Halliwell in the early days of Spice Girls, is involved, the light streaks and full of contrast are back in vogue. Already some months that come honking the horn, but this summer they promise to invade our feed on Instagram. Celebrities and fashion girls have fallen rendered to this trend, being Beyonce and Kylie Jenner have been given of what to talk about.

Two mini braids to locks

Another way to follow the trend of the moment reminiscent of the 90 without the need of dyeing the mane comes from the hand of the two minis braids. By way of the strands, they frame the face and take us back to the past automatically.

The time has come to start testing new things, which of the two options you stay?

Photos | Instagram @rachelteetyler, @ashleesimpsonross, @emdavies___, @beyonce, @elodierussell, @kyliejenner, @brittanyxavier, @mirandakerr