Female boxer is pregnant at the age of 12, you get a pass to Tokyo 2020


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The boxer Christine Ongare of Kenya, will fulfill her dream by getting your pass to the Tokyo Olympics 2020after struggling against wind and tide when pregnant at the age of 12.

Although he did not give many details of that time in her life, admitted that the social pressure caused to continue with your pregnancybut also thanks to the support of his mother, managed to get ahead and fulfill your dream.

I’ve had a hard life, very complicated. I don’t really like to talk about it. I got pregnant at the age of 12. My mother was the one who really raised my baby. She was a girl and was the social pressure, that will ruin“said to Olympic Channel.

14 years after Ongare got its classification to the Olympic Gamesin the category of 51 kilos, with what got to fulfill a dream.

“Boxing is all I have. It is said that when you fall, you have to get up again. So as I got up and met some great coachesthat motivated me to get to where I am. The qualify to the Olympic Games will open doors and will help me a lot”.