Love. Wedding. Random, Netflix: does it really worth the latest romantic comedy phenomenon of the platform?


If you have a couple of friends from those that write you every weekend to tell you what you are seeing, you will be familiar with Love. Wedding. Random, Netflix. But, really, how worthwhile is the latest romantic comedy phenomenon of the platform? As you know, the gender of the rom-com it is one of the favorite of the american company, also in series, but especially in the format of a feature film, and has an interesting catalog.

It was a couple of summers when the giant audio-visual gave brand new a number of these productions with a few weeks of difference, and not cost him much to hit. To all the guys that I fell in love with, 2018 (with better reviews than The irish and Rome; because we tell you why and what it implies), it soon became a global phenomenon, devoted himself to his actors as well as international stars, and caused even the production of a sequel (much less successful, unfortunately), and there’s another in the oven.

This movie showed that Netflix was able to rally to the nostalgic fans of the genre and new viewers with stories that bring some fresh air to the typical conventions and traditional roles. We can not say that Love. Wedding. Random to achieve the same thingnor much less, but, who are we to tell you to give up a good time with her?

“But, what is it and what is going on Love. Wedding. Random?”, you will be thinking. We speak of the romantic comedy, which Netflix debuted a couple of weeks ago, and snuck out during several days at the top of the most viewed of the platform. And tackles one of the great terrors that we face year-to-year: the season of weddings.

Love. Wedding. Random we moved to the wedding of Hayley, a young british woman who was home in Italy with her boyfriend, Roberto, but we see everything through the eyes of Jack (Sam Caflin, of The hunger games and Before you)the brother of the bride. The tension of the moment and preparations, joins the expectation of Jack to be reunited with Dina (Olivia Munn, of The Newsroom), an american journalist that was posted a couple of years ago.


But it is not this story the only one that matters, because Love. Wedding. Random it has an approach that is very choral. Marc, the ex-boyfriend of Hayley, comes without invitation, willing to spoil the banquet. Bryan, the “lady” of honour, will try to take advantage of the celebration to get close to a famous movie director for a role. Amanda (Freida Pinto), the ex-girlfriend of Jack’s, arrives with his new partnerwith the that does not precisely well. Anything can happen, that it serves the film.

Love. Wedding. Randomwritten and directed by Dean Craig (Death at a funeral, A wedding of death), has among its references unquestionable romantic comedies british as Four weddings and a funeral and Love Actually, especially in his approach to coral and focused on celebrations, and even A matter of timefor their games narrative.

The best of the film are without a doubt Sam Caflin and Olivia Munn, that, despite sharing a few minutes on-screen, distill the key chemical in this genre. Unfortunately, it is almost the only good thing we can say. Love. Wedding. Random could have been a success, in particular its approach to the chance, with a change in the last act that, had they been produced before (quiet, we will not do spoilersas you’ll see), could have had an interesting effect on the public.

However, when it happens, the viewer is already too involved in the story, and the average end time is a slope up endless. In addition, the tangles and the relief of comedy do not quite fit, in part because the other actors are not known or are very experienced. As I said before, we won’t tell you that you’re saving Love. Wedding. Randombut if you feel like with it, don’t put a very high bar of expectations.

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