Find out what’s more romantic than Charles Melton has done for Camila Mendes


Camila Mendes and Charles Melton they are one of the couples more hot of the time. However, what you’re about to discover it will leave you super surprisedespecially because it shows how important it is for Camilla to Charles.

Why? Recently interviewed Charles Melton and asked which had been the gesture more romantic that had made him a Camila Mendes, to which the actor replied that loved write love letters:

I write letters to my girlfriend. I mean, I don’t think that is the most romantic, but it is those small details that I do for her”

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Maybe for Charles this does not seem to very romanticbut the reality is that it is super cute. In an era in which almost everything is technological, the cards become an immediate declaration of love.

During the interview, Charles Melton he also revealed that he shared many qualities in common with his character of Riverdale, especially because they were both writers, and very romantic.