Anya Taylor-Joy: from Argentina to the conquest of Hollywood


Anya Taylor-Joy wants to conquer Hollywood Source: File – Credit: Instagram

With only twenty years, the young woman who was raised in our country pisa strong thanks to his role in the critically-acclaimed the witch

There was not a single moment in which Anya Taylor-Joy, the twenty years ‘ young man who was born in Miami but was raised between Argentina and the United Kingdom, he learned that his vocation was to be an actress. No. There was not a single moment. There have been many. One of them was when he saw

E. T.


Steven Spielberg

for the first time. Another was when he discovered that Saoirse Ronan was a model to follow (“at fifteen I saw all the movies I had made in a single day”). Another was, also, when he abandoned his promising future as a dancer to prepare for a spate of castings in which you received more of a blow to the self-esteem.”I still remember my audition for


and what nerve that was, I never cried as much as when I was told that there had been”. Anya will not be able to work to the pair of

Angelina Jolie

– the chosen one ended up being

Elle Fanning

– but that does not mean it is not well directed. On the contrary, his career in Hollywood is just beginning.

Anya in Atlantis, the BBC series America, one of his first jobs
Anya in Atlantis, the BBC series America, one of his first jobs Source: File

It always sounds cliché when celebrities evoke his step by the college as one bit glamorous. However, in a recent interview with the publication

The Hollywood Reporter,

Anya sounded very genuine to remember what it was like to grow up in a manner itinerant, always torn between two countries completely different. “I could never integrate well in any side when I was a girl, occasionally I noticed that I had something different, but I didn’t know what couldn’t be.”

When did you changed that perception of yourself?

In his first shoot. “When I’m shooting a movie I feel more complete than any other side, I know that sounds very trite or corny, but it is the reality, the action has filled that void that I had,” he said.

Once he bid farewell to his plan to be a dancer, Anya slowly began to outline his filmography thanks to participations television in series such as




where he played a more significant role. As in the industry to produce a sort of domino effect, Anya was seen by the duo of DJ s GTA composed by Julio Mejia and Matt Toth, who was chosen to be the protagonist of the video for their song “Red Lips”. While the next step seemed uncertain, the young actress did something that would change the course of your career: capitalize on that “look strange” she says you have to be to audition for

The witch, the brand new film from Robert Eggers.

*Rise to fame, the hand of terror

In The witch, the excellent film by Robert Eggers
In The witch, the excellent film by Robert Eggers Source: File

The screenwriter and director Robert Eggers happened something very curious when I was looking for the actress to star in his horror film supernatural: the first movie that came to him was that of Anya. “I thought that could not be so easy that the first hearing that he saw off the right one, then I started to see about a thousand more and I went back to the beginning. The role had to be for it,” stated the director. His opera prima – set in 1630, and centered on a family of New England that is suffering from the disappearance of his youngest son and feared possible acts of sorcery – debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, earning the award for the best direction.

That achievement is not to underestimate. At present, the cinema of terror wins in rare occasions, since it is thanks to independent filmmakers as

David Robert Mitchell to follow You



setentoso, which led to the surprising

The spell.


The witch

he knew how to be placed among the films that are reinvigorating the genre, and thus, the result of the exposure that gives Sundance and the excellent reviews received, Anya began to build its international projection. “I never thought that Robert was going to give me the role of Thomasin, but at the same time I’m wearing medium rare, and maybe that was what I ended up helping”.

*Between comic books and science fiction: what’s next

“I don’t want to be pigeonholed” said the actress to The Hollywood Reporter Source: File – Credit: Instagram

The great impact of

The witch

had its impact on the young performer, to the point that it was called for


the second

collaboration of M. Night Shyamalan with producer Jason Blum

after the success of


. Anya shares center stage with none other than James McAvoy, who replaced

Joaquin Phoenix

. Also, Anya will be part of the sci-fi thriller


the opera prima of Luke Scott, son of the great Ridley, with the company

Paul Giamatti


Kate Mara

. As if all this were not enough, various reports indicate that the actress was offered the role of Magik in the adaptation of the comic

New Mutants,

that is part of the franchise


So soon, she remains determined to work consistently, but from characters that motivate: “I would Not like that to me pigeonholed, I’d like you to put me above the prejudices”, he declared, its only twenty years, one of the current promises of Hollywood. Anyway, he made a proviso: “Yes, I can say that I would like to work in a movie

Quentin Tarantino

in one of the Coen brothers and one of Steven Spielberg”. In the end, the impact it had

E. T.

in his teenage years still persists.


The witch,

already available in our rooms:


*Anya in the video for “Red Lips” of GTA (Skrillex Remix):