Thousands of users organize and sabotage the project of Kimberly Loaiza on social networks


Recently, the brand of beauty products that many have been fans, Sally Beauty has announced a new partnership with the youtuber Kimberly Loaiza and while the news excited many of his followers have been many more who hate this collaboration, so that they have organized themselves and now the are sabotaging themselves in social networks.

Sally Beauty it has been one of the most famous shops in Mexico and that many of us have fallen in love with for saving us with any product beauty and also because many of the beauty bloggers with years of experience have given their reviews to make us believe in the effectiveness of what they sell… And that is just what you has bothered to all.

The anger part, in addition to being a request that has been made Zorrito Youtubero on Twitter with the hashtag #NoQueremosAKimberlyEnSally, also comes from the fact that it is a collaboration with a girl that in reality is not blogger of beauty but vlogger who is dedicated to making challenges, which does not cause any confidence in using their line of cosmetics since there are more girls who are engaged in the beauty world, who have endeavored for many years and they deserved to have the place offered to Kimberly.

The criticisms have not been made to wait as not many are in agreement that this collaboration comes out and are willing to sabotearla as they do now in social networksalthough good, it’s all a debate, it seems to have been a mistake to choose it as other girls really deserve it, however, for fans of Kimberly this will be a fantasy, and for those who are not, just simply do not do case to this collaboration, as Sally Beauty sells many more products that have nothing to do with Kimberly, although it must be unfair to those who have struggled to have an opportunity of that size. It seems that the leak of fans of the shop, will be to stop.