“Harry Potter” and “Avengers” Marvel | With these revivals, China is preparing to reopen its cinemas after closing by coronavirus


In full world crisis of the coronavirus, China, the country which originated the covid-19, is preparing to recover their day-to-day. In fact, the country, one of the major film markets of the world, prepares a re-opening across the top of its theaters reviving blockbusters as “Harry Potter” and the four installments of “Avengers” for Marvel.

According to reports Deadlinein China , the rooms are looking to reopen as soon as possible, the most optimistic estimates speak of the end of march and the more conservative mid-April or early may. The big Hollywood studios are preparing a veritable arsenal of blockbusters in the form of a revival to celebrate the reopening of cinemas and revive the industry to hit blockbuster.

Warner Bros has announced in his account on Weibo that “Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone“the first delivery of the saga of the young wizard J. K. Rowling, it may be viewed in rooms chinesethough the date of reopening has not yet been indicated.

“The magic is about!”, and has announced the studio’s revival, which will be in 4K and 3D on a remastered version. The tape, which raised$ 975,8 million, seeks to consolidate the franchise in China, where it has been gaining in popularity in recent years.

On the other hand, it is rumored that Disney plans on releasing the four films of “Avengers” from Marvel in that country. He has been the analyst at the box office Gavin Feng, who has revealed several information that after you have been confirmed, the who has revealed that the producer is planning to re-conquer the public asian-based superheroes.



The reopening of cinemas in China will come initially with re-runs of titles already triumphed at the box office, including hits in national as a “Wolf Warrior 2” or “The Wandering Earth”, in addition to other films such as “The last wolf”, or “Capernaum”, nominated for an Oscar in 2018. According to Deadline, the cinema chains will be left with 100% of the proceeds of these revivals and it has encouraged them to set attractive prices.

The same media points out that, in mid-April, there will be a battery of first-run Hollywood films that had not yet landed in the asian country and which has already triumphed in the rest of the world as “1917”, “The adventures of Doctor Dolittle”, “Le Mans 66”, “Jojo Rabbit”, “Bad Boys for Life”, “little women” and “Sonic: The movie”.

Although Richard Gelfond, CEO of IMAX, believes that in China there will be premieres of big commercial titles until last June, coinciding, in the best of scenarios, with the reopening of other international markets.

On the other hand, several studies hollywood are reopening, also based in the asian country and the Film Bureau of China and China Film Group, institutions backed by the chinese government, have already re-opened also, so return to the meeting would come sooner rather than later. (Europa Press)