11 keys to decrypt Westworld


Concentration. This requires the plot of this production is full of mysteries and that moves in time without a precise order: Westworld, the british writer Jonathan Nolan and the screenwriter, american Lisa Joy, one of the marriages creative and more famous on international television.

Laia Portaceli, journalist series in the Spanish program The Script, explains that it is based on a novel by Michael Crichton about a theme park of androids where customers, human, realize their most intimate desires and violent. “Gave place to a movie in 1973 directed by the same Crichton and a series in the 80’s”. Portaceli clarifies, for those who have never seen it, that this version of “away from the previous adaptations to explore artificial intelligence and how technology comes to condition the life”.

Diego Agudelo, critical of television, much is expected of this new edition, “specifically the story of a war front in the movement for the emancipation of the androids, and above all to continue the exploration of philosophy on identity, free will and the transformation of consciousness that did so well in the first season.”

You will see 8 new episodes on HBO each Sunday, and will bring two new actors, Vincent Cassel (he acted in Ocean’s Twelve) and Aaron Paul (the protagonist of Breaking Bad). Portaceli indicates that the addition of Paul “is one of the main incentives and Cassel brings to life a mysterious villain”. For Agudelo, it would be worthwhile to introduce a character as powerful as the one who played Anthony Hopkins at the beginning of the saga, “we will See, for example, what relevance will have Aaron Paul in the plot, an actor attractive that can bring major shifts”.

In evolution and with noticeable changes comes this third season of the that say it will be easier to follow than the previous. These are some ideas to understand this universe of science fiction and well-crafted aesthetic.

Guide to not get lost

1. Beginnings: he explained the operation of a theme park set in the wild west with artificial intelligence, represented in robots (humanoids), called hosts, programmed to interact with the visitors and fulfill their fantasies.

2. The base: Westworld is a science fiction “with an important reading of philosophy on the human condition (what makes us human and what is not, the anguish of living) free will, oppression, sexism, and class difference. Questions reality in the wake of titles like the Matrix,” explains the specialist, Laia Portaceli.

3. It has been made wait: its first season had 10 episodes in 2016; the second, 10 chapters in 2018, and the third will have 8 in this 2020.

4. Continuity: experts say that, apparently, the new chapters will be less philosophical and prioritize action.

5. Confusion: In the series it is easy to fool the viewers while it advances the plot: it does not distinguish between human and robots.

6. New characters: in addition to the above, Aaron Paul and Vincent Cassel, tells the journalist series, Laia Portaceli that there will be a cameo surprise appearance shortly) and that will delight the seriéfilos: the creators of Game of Thrones. What will suffer in their meats, some of the deaths that they came up with for their characters of the Seven Kingdoms?”.

7. Another name: The first two installments were presented to the Corporation Delos. It will now Incites, the company that presents itself as able to provide a solution to the great problems of humanity from a revolutionary technology. “We will continue navigating the moral dilemmas of the technology through this new company that has achieved revolutionary advances”.

8. The film: the of Westworld from 1973, directed and written by Michael Crichton, was called Oestelandia in Colombia.

9. Rebellion #Alert Spoiler: The second season ended in that the hosts are aware of their existence and want to get out into the real world. There will begin the third. Revolution in sight. Accurate the specialist in this delivery “delve into the differences that exist among the androids: the ones that believe in coexistence and those who want to end the human race forever.”

10. New parks: In addition to the set in the far west, in the period of Edo in Japan, and The Raj, a representation of the indian subcontinent in the mid-NINETEENTH century, you will see a park more: War, World, framed apparently in the Italy of the Second World War.

11. Different show: The writers changed the tone and the story in this third season. According to Variety, the audience was down 30% from the first to the second delivery, why get the third one with all the new features.

And although it is not a key, but something that you admire, followers, and specialists highlight the music of the series: “The soundtrack features a main theme wonderful from the composer of Game of Thrones, Ramin Djawadi, and adaptations of songs of The cure, Radiohead or Guns N Roses”. Just in the trailer of the third season listening to the music of Sweet Child o’ Mine.