Evan Rachel Wood was cut into the wrists to stop her abuser


Evan Rachel Woodthe Pains of the series Westworld (HBO), is known for speaking out on male violence that she herself has suffered in his flesh. A couple of years ago as explained in an interview in Rolling Stone that she was raped twice, by a groom and by the owner of a bar. Now, the young actress has shared in social networks some stunning photographs with cuts in the wrists.

“Two years after having an abusive relationship, I used to hurt myself. When my abuser he threatened me or attacked me, I had cuts on the wrist as a way to disarm him. It just made the abuse stop temporarily. At that time I was desperate to try to stop it, and was too terrified to leave. #IAmNotOk”, has written the heroine of the old west theme park futuristic.

Although she has not given name or surname, some Twitter users have pointed out to the artist Marilyn Manson, with which the actress had a relationship, as the perpetrator that the left defeated physically and psychologically.

Evan Rachel Wood he has also shared some photos that at first glance is radiant, in a photo session, to report that it is not always the abuse is visible at first sight. “The day that I made this sessionI felt very weak because of this abusive relationship. He was malnourished, very depressed and could hardly manterme on foot. I derrumbé and they sent me home,” he recalled to their followers.

The reactions have been multiplied in cascade, and many women have been added to the label NoEstoyBien who has used the atriz to explain their own experiences with abusers.

Complaint before the Congress of the united States

The actress standard-bearer of the movement #MeToo already denounced in his day who was raped, and was therefore about to commit suicide at just 22 years old. “I’m not going to be ashamed… I do Not believe in a time in which people have to save silence or a minute more. Not in a world in which we have an intolerance so blatant and sexist”, he explained last year to the U.S. Congress, where he went to speak as “an actress, but also as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse”.


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