Evan Rachel Wood said goodbye to Kobe Bryant recalling the rape case in which he was involved


Just heard the news of the death of the short basketball player Kobe Bryant, Evan Rachel Wood was up to his phone, opened the Twitter application and said: “I’m heartsick for the family Kobe. He was a sports hero. He was also a rapist. And all these truths can exist simultaneously”.

The tweet, which referred to an accusation of 2003, generated a tremendous negative reaction, because that was replicated by several users with messages that they regarded the actress as little more than “a garbage person”.

Other people, meanwhile, called it hypocritical, because after working with Woody Allen did not condemn the filmmaker when his daughter Dylan accused him of child sexual abuse. Or reminded him that the charges against Bryant were dropped when the person alleged to be injured refused to testify.

Wood was not the only one that received a furious counter-offensive after remember that inappropriate sexual conduct on the part of the deceased star in the NBA.

Yesterday, the Washington Post has suspended its reporter Felicia Sonmez, after she tuiteara a link with a note from 2016, in the case of rape starring Bryant.

In fact, Sonmez, who covers national politics for the Post, tweeted a story from April 2016 on the site the Daily Beast, whose headline was “The disturbing case of rape of Kobe Bryant: the evidence of the DNA, the history of the accuser, and the half-confession.”