After 10 years of silence, Ashley Tisdale released his new album


Ashley Tisdale is back: so what he made clear with the release of his album, titled “Symptoms”, which represents his return to the music world after 10 years of silence.

Comprised of nine songs, including songs like “Looking Glass”, “Feeling So Good” and “Under Pressure”, already became a hit among all fans, and fans of the artist.

Tisdale rose to fame thanks to his work in “High School Musical”, in the role of Sharpay Evans; yet, he also participated in television series, short films, and also from the role of producer.

Then, he landed in the world of music with two albums, titled “Headstrong” (2007) and
“Guilty Pleasure” (2009), which were received with a great success. His new work generated the same expectations.

Why was the pause in the music?

Photo: Instagram @ashleytisdale

Tisdale was the victim of a long period of depression, situation was embodied in the lyrics of their new album, which has a character instrospectivo and overcoming.

On the disk, the artist has provided statements on his Twitter account: “Since the launch of Symptoms, I feel that the chains are broken. I feel that I can breathe. I feel that for the first time I can finally be me.”

“No more doubt, no more fear, no more shame of that struggle. I feel proud, I feel I have a purpose and I feel empowered”, ended.

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