new images confirms the villain


A series of new images of the highly anticipated film hybrid of horror and action, The New Mutants reveals to us another of those terrifying villains.

Revealed in the most recent copy of the magazine Cinefex (via ScreenRant), a couple of new screenshots of the almost mythical film of the universe of the X-Men showed us our first glimpses to the creatures known as the Men Smiling (Smiley Men). Of course, this does not imply that they are pleasant at all, but like many things in this tape are creatures twisted and terrible, in Addition to these new enemies, the magazine showed a picture in which you can see in detail the Bear Demon (Demon Bear), in what appears to be the dimension of hell, of Limbo.

The Men are Smiling and you are a new creation in the franchise of the New Mutants, but it is possible that the director Josh Boone has been inspired by the “Inferno Babies” of Limbo to create these monsters. Limbo is the dimension of hell that Magik (played in the film by Anya Taylor-Joy) gets his powers after being trapped there for several years. However, when a child regularly gets trapped in that dimension, the natural energies of this place the mutate into terrible monsters.

The New Mutants was planned to premiere during the month of April, but unfortunately the pandemic of COVID-19 ruined those plans.