The best gift that has made him Sia dancer Maddie Ziegler for her 16th birthday


Maddie Ziegler is the young dancer who became known for being the alter ego of Sia in the majority of your video clips. The singer, who never shows his face in public, it keeps a close relationship with her and that is why he wanted to give a great gift for his birthday.

The young Maddie met a few days ago a 16 years old and the singer did not want to miss a special date. So, we have learned through Instagram that Sia has given the young girl a luxury car: Audi Q3 in white color worth around 30,000 euros.

“Sweet sixteen. I cannot believe that this car is truly mine”wrote Maddie Ziegler in his publication of Instagram, which contains several photos. In one of them you can see the young Maddie embraced by Sia on the hood of the car. Sia also did the same in his account.

Ziegler, who starred in the music videos of ‘Chandelier’, ‘The Greatest’, ‘Cheap Thrills’, ‘Rainbow’, ‘Thunderclouds’, ‘Elastic Heart’, ‘Big Girls Cry’ and ‘Eye of the Needle‘because he moves like a fish in the water between the star system of Hollywood. In fact, Millie Bobby Brown, of ‘Stranger Things‘, boasts to be one of her best friends.