What was the actress of ‘Buffy vampire slayer’, Sarah Michelle Gellar?


It was a series of fashion between 1997 and 2003. Buffy, a vampire slayer it became one of those productions that before ‘it was Netflix’ more followers I had. Had 7 seasons, spawned a spin-off (Angel that had less success), and left one of the faces of the moment, the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Gellar (New York; April 14, 1977) had already begun its career before you get into the skin of the vampire slayer, a project which by the way was created by Josh Whedon and that was based on a previous film of 1993, where it is shown for the first time with the character, although with the face of the actress Kristy Swanson.

Gellar was at the start of the series 18 years, and came out of it turned into one of the faces more promising thanks to a story that played with the idea of the blonde struggling against the monsters, and gave it back.

The actress participated since the first year in which he was in Buffy in the movies I know what you did last summer and Scream 2two slasher classics.

Seduction to the letter (1999), and Cruel intentions (1999), there were other productions in the film in which it participated during the series. And after that came Scooby-Doo (2002), the first film in action real dog detective of the paranormal, and his curious gang, a film that although it worked at the box office was very badly criticized, but in which Geller would know who would eventually become her husband: the also actor Freddie Prinze.

Later, after the series, Sarah Michelle began work as a face, a recurrent theme in Horror movies. The Cry (2006), the mythical remake of the Japanese film, was one of the best that did it, along with its sequel, The Return or Possession (2009).

However, since then, his work as a face recurrent everything is going to be less, although the actress did not stop. Began to bend animation films as Ninja Turtles or series as Star Wars Rebels.

After a couple of series now in real action didn’t happen in his first season, the interpreter decides in around 2012 to make a break in her career to take care of their two children, and has been dedicated to launching a firm which offers kits for the kids to learn to cook, in addition to sponsoring various causes against malnutrition and obesity.

His last appearance was a cameo in the series Big Bang Theory.