Unrecognizable, and looks like Elle Fanning with her new rose tint


In this time of confinement, and thanks to social media, celebrities have been more natural than ever. The famous, like the rest of the world, are in quarantine and spend these days locked in their homes, without makeup, no filter,s or adornments and looking for how to pass the hours of the day.

Some exhibit their routines of sport, like Chris Hemsworth, which challenges their fans to do sports with him and is offering six weeks free on your fitness app. Others show their routines of beauty and skincare.

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Most of the people think to make a radical change to your look, especially with regard to your hair. Many opt for rapar their hair or dye them of extreme colors and, apparently, this is not a concern exclusive of mere mortals, the celebs more big Hollywood also dare with new and daring change of look.

The latest to join the list of celebrities with hair color innovative is the beautiful and now exrubia Elle Fanning.

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The beautiful co-star of Maleficent we were already accustomed to his beautiful and blonde mane, but the moment came and has decided to give an unexpected twist to your hair with a color very peculiar. So Elle is no longer blonde, but nor is it brown and less chestnut, the color of his hair is now pink.

The american actress has recently published, via its instagram, a story in which showed how they dyed the hair, with the tone of the most popular of the season and has done so from home, herself, and her fans have applauded her audacity, and her change of look.

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While it is a photo with the hair is wet we are sure that this is the tone that you chose, we will be very careful to share the end result and dry.
This color remains a trend, and although his peak was last year, a lot of girls and influencers continue to bet on him.

And that is that there is no better time than this quarantine to try new ideas and radically change your look. So if you were looking for some pretext to dare, do not hesitate and do it now, we assure you that you will not be the only. Several social network users have shared their changes and many of them are super flattering, among them are the puerto rican Ricky Martin, at the request of their children, gave color to the ends of your hair with a cherry red colour.