Look at how it has grown Maddie Ziegler! [Espectáculos] – 02/01/2020


Mexico city.- This dancer we won as we saw in the video clips of Sia.

Maddie Ziegler is not only a dance, it is art of the good. It is only in a few occasions you called more attention to a dancer who the singer of the song. With only 11 years, he became the protagonist of the video of Chandelier from Sia and we are going to recognize that even was a little afraid of how well he was doing. Came to be dire.

And Maddie, at that time, I thought that would be a plus and that he would walk by the back of the stage. In reality, I did not know what he was getting into. Because, since then, has the main role of the great songs of Sia. There is not a great song without the face of Maddie.

Now Maddie is 17 years old after being on the jury of the young dancers in the program So You Think You Can Dance on the channel FOX. Also dazzled the world with his dancing in the Tour de Sia.

It is clear that the life smiles at you. Yes…it is possible that in your mind you only the images with the wig is blonde, but with or without it is always impressive.