“House of money”: So Nairobi should be called the actually – Netflix reveals 10 secrets of


Nairobi: In the series, it is one of the popular main characters. Image: the imago images/ Prod.DB

So Nairobi should read: Netflix reveals 10 secrets of the “house of money”

Three years ago, the house of money “was” for the Netflix Hit at all. The Spanish series has not even managed the international most watched English-language production. Recently, the fourth season was released, which is what the Fans have been craving. The series is of course also still among the Top-10 list.

Creator Álex Pina has already betrayed that with his story about a Bank robbery office hostage-taking continue. At least a season to be produced, even voting on a Spin-Off to be loud. On Instagram, Netflix has uploaded a Video, the facts about the series revealed that only a very few knew before. The Streaming giant writes: “In fact 6, I had to cry.” Here we will show you what new Details are revealed.

Where does the title of the series?

Netflix notes that the production was, by the title of “Money Heist” is known. “But originally, it was called ‘Los Desahuciados’, which in Spanish means as much as ‘The Hopeless’.” This title was changed to “The paper house”, as well as the Spanish series is called. Thus, the house of money is for Germany, “” a pretty accurate Translation of “La casa de papel”.

Like Nairobi, Oslo or Moscow actually hot should

Nairobi, Moscow, or Oslo are one of the title heroes. Even if there are not one or the other Person, you play a part in the success of the series. However, the names of the towns, with which the characters identify, it would not have given nearly so. Netflix reveals: “Moscow was originally Chernobyl, Nairobi was originally Cameroon, Oslo was originally Valencia.” One or the other of you might have noticed that the cities “are preserved in the series as the Plan-code name”. “Then, we activate the Plan of Chernobyl,” said Berlin.

Tokyo would not have existed almost as a Narrator

Since season one of Tokyo plays the Narrator and explains what is happening from their point of view. However, that was not intended. Netflix says: “According to the Creator of the Professor should be originally the narrator of this series, but then they found the first-person narrative of his own Plan to narcissistic.” So you decided to short-hand for an Alternative that came up. Because Tokyo is one of the most popular characters in the Format. “They tried to give Moscow the role, in order to give the series a light-hearted, down-to-earth tone, but then they agreed on Tokyo, because of its female perspective, in the cold, male environment liked”so the Streaming service.

“House of money” and his magical success

The series thrilled millions worldwide of viewers and the most successful non-English language production is on Netflix. Internationally she has received so much recognition, that “the house of money” even in 2018, won the Emmy in the category of “drama series”. This was only the second Spanish production, which was awarded the prize. In addition, Netflix reported that the series has more than 34 million viewers. She was the third most popular series and the most popular Spanish-language series on IMDB.

These are the real filming locations

In the first two seasons of the theatre of the Royal mint of Spain is to be seen. However, this was not in truth the case, as the Streaming provider now explain. Because the fact is that the production chose other locations: “The building of the ‘Supreme Council for scientific research’ is used as a mint.” The two buildings in Madrid, however, is only 35 minutes away from each other. In the last two seasons of the series-makers to devise Alternatives. “The government complex Nuevos Ministerios’, for example, is used as the ‘Bank of Spain’.”

The billion were printed

In the first part of the “house of money” should be stolen during that Robbery alone was 2.4 billion euros. The Plan was to print in eleven days, not the money itself. However, this did not take place, of course, in the banknote printing house in Spain. Netflix reveals: “Thus, the Bank notes are realistic, have been for the series, the printing presses of the Spanish newspaper ‘ABC’ is used. Therefore, all of the bills, which are seen in the series to be printed on newspaper paper.” The hostage managed to contractors, by the way, according to the Streaming giant print 2,600 individual Bank notes.

Also, the producers showed in the series

A lot of movies and series creators in their own productions. So, too, the directing genius of Quentin Tarantino in “Pulp Fiction,” “Django Unchained” or “The Hateful Eight” appeared. In the case of “house of money” takes over, for example, Director Alejandro Bazzano, a scene in which he plays along with the Professor. There he says: “I need a laparotomy Set, a ventilator, and Surgical instruments.” In addition, the first assistant Director Daniel Higueras is to see.

These Sets also appear in other series

According to Netflix the Set for the interiors of the coin is to mint to have been used also for the series ‘Vis a vis’. These games in Spanish women’s prison. The Special: “Both series originate from the same Creator, namely, Álex Pina.” Also this production will be shown on Netflix. Alba Flores, the Nairobi plays, can also be seen in the other production, as well as Najwa Nimri, who plays the policewoman Alicia Sierra.

The Inspiration for the Netflix Hit

Director Pina had confirmed that he had in some of the Details of the series from the modern cinema to inspire. Netflix reported: “The use of code names based on cities, based on the color-code names in ‘Reservoir Dogs’.” Tokyo’s Look, for example, had been inspired by Natalie Portman as Mathilda from the success of the film ‘Léon The professional’ from the year 1995.

That’s why these masks were selected

The Streaming giant announced that, according to the Showrunner, Javier Gomez, Santander is not only used in the Dali-masks to choose from. The unique Look of the hostage-takers will be copied to today, especially in the carnival or Halloween like. But it almost hadn’t been for the mask, because “it moved too serious an Image of Don Quixote in recital.” The Dali-masking, you’ve finally found yet striking.


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