Chris Pratt ruined the Back-Video of his wife


Katherine Schwarzenegger (30) just wanted to make a nice Back-to Tutorial for your 882.000 Instagram Followers. But her husband Chris Pratt (40, “Guardians of the Galaxy”) made it seemingly impossible to get to the Concentrate strawberry sheet cake. “While I’m shooting this Video, plays my husband in the Background Golf,” warns the 30-Year-old your audience at the beginning of the video.

Again and again the Marvel of the Star interferes with the Insta-Story of his wedded from the Off. Loud and often full of enthusiasm, Pratt commented on the course of the game, while Schwarzenegger is trying to stay in front of the camera seriously.

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After the golfing, the actor from the fresh baked snacks were

As the actor finished his Session, ultimately, he sneaks even into the image of the back of his wife were snacking: it is Only Recently Schwarzenegger banana bread was made. “Katherine’s banana bread is really top. It will take less than a day until everything is gone,” estimates of the “Guardians of the Galaxy”-Star.

To have resented, does not seem the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger (72) and Maria Shriver (64), however. So it was just, “if the husband in quarantine agents baking to cooking,” she writes under a photo, which presents the final result of their Back-action.