New Album of Ufo 381: “Rich Rich”


Raphael Smarzoch, in conversation with Andreas Müller

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Rapper Ufuk Bayraktar aka Ufo361 is for a concert at Huxley's in Berlin on the stage. He is dressed in dark colors and wearing sunglasses. (picture alliance / event press Hoensch)
He’s done it and everyone should know about: Rapper Ufo361 at a concert in Berlin. (picture alliance / event press Hoensch)

Luxury clothes, diamond jewelry: To “Rich, Rich” celebrates Ufo361 the riches he has earned. At the same time, the Rapper celebrates his loneliness. Perhaps the best Album that has made Ufo361 ever find a critic Raphael Smarzoch.

Andreas Müller: Almost two million Followers on Instagram, over a Million subscribers on YouTube, since 2017 and over 200 million Streams on Spotify. And the trend is rising. Ufo361 is one of the most successful rappers in Germany. So successful that he Recently dropped an Eight-million-Euro Deal just burst. Apparently, it can make the Berlin native with Turkish roots. “Rich Rich” is, fittingly, his new Album, which has been published today.

Our critic Raphael Smarzoch has listened to the Album. If you hear “Be Alone”, then the statement that “success makes you lonely but fits”, or?

Raphael Smarzoch: Yes, you can actually say so. In this case, however, that Ufo361 is voluntarily in Isolation. The Track fits quite well in our pandemic-embossed-time, in the social distancing of speech is. And Ufo practiced “social distancing” very confidently. Although it is fair to say that the case with Corona is certainly a coincidence. However, a chance that you can monetize. I could well imagine that the Track in numerous Memes is processed, which, in turn, pay higher digital Demand low. So Ufo361 shows, albeit unintentionally, that is a crisis that yields financial capital.

Money does not mean happiness

Müller: Which brings us to the theme of the album. It’s about money, “Rich Rich”. But this money does not seem to make Ufo361 happy.

Smarzoch: In fact. This is actually a paradoxical state, the Ufo discussed here, the is in the Rap, however, is nothing New: Drake rapped for years about the fact that all the luxury goods and women happy. You could say that Ufo361, suffers like many other rappers, also, to a hedonistic Depression. Although you can have it all, remains a Blank, which also shows in the music.

Müller: This image of Emptiness, which I find interesting. Limited to the texts?

Smarzoch: No, this image of Emptiness, the overall concept, so also the music videos that accompany the Album shapes. And there’s also something literally, Yes, frightening. You can see Ufo361 often all alone. Time he sits in a luxurious Restaurant. Then he walks in expensive designer clothes by forest and mountain landscapes, stay in empty hotel lobbies. Once in a while you see staff or pretty Models with whom he interacts, however, is also really interactive, so kind of fun.

All of this seems to me to be apathetic, indifferent, disinterested, but is set beautifully in a grainy Retro look in a scene. And also characterized by a very intense melancholic mood, which really draws all of the Tracks on “Rich Rich” by. To hear how, for example, in the eponymous title track.

Müller: Ufo361 with the piece “Rich Rich”, in the it is also a matter of his riches, he has earned with a lot of work. There are actually other topics on the Album than money?

Smarzoch: Not really. The whole Album is influenced by this neoliberal meritocracy, which is reflected in the track titles, too: For example, “focus on the future” – it’s always about expensive luxury, clothes from famous designers, the Ufo has, of course, all of you, and are always mentioned in the Songs. Besides, he brags with his diamond-studded jewelry, as well comes from trendy manufacturers that are also frequented by American rappers.

So, this image of Emptiness, which I mentioned just now, it shapes the content of the album. And you ask yourself, who is to all impress at all. Nevertheless, Rich, Rich “is” a very ambitious Album for what’s in store for you. Maybe even the best Album that has made Ufo361 ever.

From the stylish video, which you look at really, that you were very, very expensive, and that you want to stand out with you from the usual Deutschrap-optics. Then, the Track selection is really to the point – no unnecessary filler.

And amazingly, hardly any Features, unlike previous albums on which he worked with RIN, Yung Hurn and RAF Camora. Only the US-American Rapper Future, including Ufos model, has made it on the Album. He can be heard in the Track “the Big Drip” to:

Müller: The German Rapper Ufo 361 together with the Future, “the Big Drip”, which sounds already quite thick, this production. I understand anything anyway. It is hard to hear a difference, whether as an English or German raps with this is the Autotune Sound. Can convince the panel because, musically?

Smarzoch: Yes, the music is really very, very. The Beats are very well made, work well as Instrumentals without the vocals. And Ufos voice, it is working with the Autotune effect, and also with other, more interesting effects. There is always something to discover. The Album is ambitious produced, and is alone, therefore, been very successful and become a benchmark for many other Deutschrap albums.

This is, of course, the many well-known producers that could win the Ufo. Listening to Beats of American Super-producers, such as Tay Keith or 808 Mafia. But also to German producers, for example, Sonus030 are, whose dark and atmospheric synth pads, the Album is something like a cinematic Touch. So, my conclusion is, under the musical aspects of the full score. All of this makes very much fun.