Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens: Trend braided hairstyle for spring


Selena Gomez is on the April cover of “Interview”magazine and is shown here with a fancy braided hairstyle. Shortly after the publication of this hair was presented to trend by Vanessa Hudgens.

Selena Gomez: This on-Trend braided hairstyle she is wearing in the spring of 2020

In the US magazine Selena Gomez, Amy Schumer is interviewed – however, its shown here hairstyle is especially popular for headlines. The singer shows on the “the Interview”-the title image with the four super-high braided pigtails that give her almost to the waist. To combined the exceptional hairstyle, a tight shirt from Balenciaga with a big red X on the front. You styled the boots, the shirt with tight Leggings and knee-high Vetements -.

New hair trend: Vanessa Hudgens loves this trend hairstyle

Only a few hours after the Cover was published, also shows Vanessa Hudgens with the same Look. The “High School Musical”Star posted this pigtails Selfie with the long Braid and explains the hairstyle “the latest quarantine-hair-Look”. The hair can be divided the head into four equal parts, bound tight braids and braided. She tried a Face Filter and looks with a serious face and pink heart in the face in the camera. Wearing her pigtails a jacket in Camouflage and orange finger nails.

Fancy braided hairstyles are on the Runway Trend

In one of the many comments about the Selfie, it says: “Great picture. I love what you did with your hair.” Also on the catwalk, you could see the new hair trend already. The Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto sent some of his Models for the presentation of his spring collection in 2020, with four slightly projecting braids on the Catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. Let’s see if more celebrities with the wild pigtails show.

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