DTB: “corona-compliant” series in Germany and Austria


“In order for these players to continue to Match practice have been able to. However, corona-compliant,” said DTB Vice-President Dirk Hordorff the TV-transmitter Sky.

It will ensure “that we play without spectators, with only two players on the plant with a Match,” said Hordorff. The Whole thing will be streamed, some broadcasters have already expressed an interest.

“It will be about six weeks, a series of 32 men and 24 women with a bit of traveling, in which all of the measures adopted by the governments and country governments, are taken into account,” said the DTB official. According to the Portal tennisnet.com the series is intended to Austria 25. May in begin Germany on 8. June. The official international tournament break because of the Coronavirus Pandemic take at least up to the 13. July.