Dominic Thiem from Tuesday on the tennis court


Also for Austria’s Tennis aces the Green light by the Federal government for the start of the training reason for joy. However, the professional tours-ATP and WTA at least until the middle of July. Therefore, it is also Dominic Thiem slowly. He trained for the first time on Tuesday, Dennis Novak, Sebastian Ofner and Yuri Rodionov, a rise on Monday into the training events.

“It will be nothing Spectacular. A slow Start,” said Thiem-Manager Herwig Straka on Sunday on the APA request. “In any case, we welcome this scheme, which gives the top players the opportunity to carry out their work,” said the Styrian.

In any case, it will be a slow warm up for a start, you don’t know yet. Wolfgang Thiem will train with his son, Dominic, Novak, Ofner and Rodionov is now in the “Better Tennis centre” in Vienna Alt Erlaa.

In addition to the recommendations of the Federal government will forego the shower in the training center. “We see to it that Provision is made for a disinfectant and they are not showers. You’ll be all there in the vicinity,” said Wolfgang Thiem in an interview with the APA. You’ll spend the whole day.

What father Thiem holds of specially marked balls? “These are all adult people who are not now embrace the Ball lick and themselves.” Novak and Rodionov living in Vienna, Ofner at the beginning of may gets an apartment in Traiskirchen. And Thiem has a short how to get there.

To make for a date “hot”, you know, is impossible. The dad Thiem know. “The Difficult thing now is to have a goal, because it is not clear when it goes.” The “worst case” would not be, when it comes to 2020, even more and always more is moved. “You have to make it so that you train once, then maybe nothing for two weeks makes. Then you have to bring a wave of clean – they can’t train until the end of the year, and no Matches to play.”

In General, his players were very fit. “Tennisfit not, but all have trained a lot of endurance. Dominic was running and inline skating, the others have also made their home program,” said Wolfgang Thiem.

Interesting a of Serena Williams Coach Patrick Mouratoglou considered million tournament in the tennis camp, Mouratoglou is for him. Taking into account the “social distancing” and extension to five consecutive weekends starting in mid-may, an invitation tournament to be played in the Academy in France. Something Wolfgang Thiem would be as a possible use for his son more in mind than, for example, Matches in the local Tennis League. “If you Thiem explained in there against a Goffin, a Tsitsipas can play…”,. The Belgian and the Greek play there Yes fix in the Academy.

If, for the moment, for 13. July scheduled Tour delay holds, since Thiem senior is skeptical. “I believe that the American Tour will be nothing, this is my feeling”, it refers to the Events in Toronto, Cincinnati and the US Open. Much will of course depend on the possibilities to travel until then. And if it’s not 2020 even? “There are so many questions. I can imagine that this year nothing more – it wouldn’t surprise me extremely, but it would be a madness.”

Considered a the Golf Sport similar System with regional tournament series could be to reduce business travel. “If it’s in Europe again, a little more mobile, you can be sure of something. I don’t believe that, then no Matches will be offered, but since you will be creating, perhaps, a regional tournament series, for which there is no ATP points.”

But the crux of the matter with the necessary travel permits. “I know only that it was from Germany to Austria.” For example, when Dominic Thiem would like to have his Physio Alex Stober for the treatment in Austria. “You could, but Dominic needs to write an invitation, Alex would have to bring a blood finding, and I think if he goes back, he would have to go back into quarantine. This, then, is uninteresting.”

Behind-the-Scenes work in of the ATP scenarios, but if you do not specify a fixed date, only a Delay is possible. “The ATP is now waiting until the beginning of June. Then you want to decide whether America will be played and then you will move on to the September Tour in Europe.”

Tomic senior has been to the future questions whether or not the corona of a crisis. “The question is, how is the whole Tennis scene from the story comes out. How many tournaments the survival, how to change it in the next few years?”

And the unemployed player? Of the ATP there is no official support, because the players are self-employed. While you do not need to worry about a Dominic Thiem, at least, are players outside the Top 100 at risk. How is it then helped actors like Ofner, or Rodionov? “You have to come to you training contrary to the standard, it supports you that gives you the opportunity that you have to train well,” said Thiem. After all, the travel path costs. “So much reserves you have, the Problem is rather the coach who is with the players, the whole Entourage with Konditrainer and Physio, are all unemployed.”

Double specialist Jürgen Melzer, the handles also reinforced to his three-year-old son, is the beginning of training slow. “It is not so, now that Stress is because I have the day after tomorrow be in the Form of. I will of course play, maybe three times a week and look who has the time.”

Source: APA