Anticipate the new galaxy to TFT Mobile: Treasure Sidereal


Riot made a new edition of his classic Q&A “Ask Riot”, which answers some of the questions most repeated of the community to the developers, and, among them, it was revealed the new galaxy for the Teamfight Tactics: Treasure Sidereal.

Then add Sector Exchange and Superdensa in the most recent update of the game, Riot is already thinking in their new galaxy, which is anticipated, will come in the next version and the odds of entering it are much lower than the rest of the galaxies.

In Treasure Sidereal the players have assured an orb of loot every monster you kill during rounds special. The galaxy is already in the client tests for testing prior to its launch.

However, it was not all that revealing, since as a bonus track Riot Mort, head of game design, said that in the PBE also being tested is a galaxy that still has no name, but which adds to the champions of two star to the carousel initial.

“The galaxies are working well, and created new ways of playing. It seems that there is a lot of creativity and exciting times. There are many compositions winning and we’ve even seen the development of some compositions good enough to counter. We hope to keep that momentum with the addition of Xerath Dark Star and more galaxies, so we hope you like”recognized from the computer of TFT.

With Sector Exchange and Superdensa along with the addition of Xerath Dark Star/Sorcerer as a new unit, the most recent patch for TFT has been an interesting turnaround to the game that the players have received with good eyes to the challenge of adapting to a new goal.