The new bathing suit from Victoria Lomba that steals all the looks!


Not everyone can stand in front of a mirror and get leave boquiabiertas millions of people. That gift is reserved for some chosen as a Victoria Lomba each time you decide to upload a new publication to Instagram you get to sow chaos among his followers. The Spanish model is installed often in the limit set in the social network even going over the stripe on a few occasions. All this with the sole purpose of keep winning fans and boast their curves of myocardial glittery, or not, new outfits.

The throne is this social network is very coveted and every time are more those that fight for trying to get the crown that attaches the reign of Instagram. Their fierce and constant chop with argentine model Sol Perez is still fashionable, with their incessant posts in which one after another are overcome. In this case Victoria Lomba has opted for one of the techniques that best result in given as is the bathing suit. Preparing for the arrival of summer next to a barely visible swimsuit red with very little left to the imagination of who is cruising with her on a beach, which also allows you to brag about another of his great passions, as are the tattoos.

Victoria Lomba it is one of the models fitness more famous all over the world thanks to the fact that it handles very well in all registers and their repertoire at the time of the languages. Spanish, Portuguese or English; she doesn’t have any problem at the time of accepting new challenges. It was one of the famous first Internet since the arrival a few many years because of Facebook all over the world; like MySpace. Thanks to his fame he got your arrival to Instagram it was a success, counting with more than 5.2 million followers and adding to that. Sure that your war with Sol Perez continues to giving as many fruits as he has led to Victory in all of this time.

His specialty in the health body has also allowed to develop their facet as a personal trainer, in addition to all of the buildings that has to be performed for the magazines of this theme. The cover of Playboy among many other of his famous works, Victoria has not ceased to succeed since his arrival in the united States. Actually passes through one of the most beautiful moments of your life both personal and professional; looking for assault once and for all to the throne of Instagram and crowned as queen.