Do you want to see it? The video of Anna Kournikova that revolutionizes Instagram


From that he hung up the racquets and he threw himself completely into her role as mother, Anna Kournikova has not stopped to count through its publications at what speed are growing their children. The last of the videos you posted it has become a true revolution on Instagram nothing more to hang.

Just two months ago that she gave birth to her third daughter, who we affectionately call it Mashaand Anna has recovered the figure at lightning speed, the house that Henry and she are in Miami has been the scene of an impromptu dance-off in the Russian moves to the rhythm of rock and roll with its small arms, the girl is an exact replica of the beauty of his mother.

The little benjamin of the family it has become the ‘toy’ of the house, if today is Kournikova who upload a video with it, just a few days ago did Enrique with a video to the rhythm of the song ‘We are young’ band Fun., the small ‘danced’ cradled in the arms of his father. The occurrence of Churches was able to have his video had close to 4 million views in the first 24 hours.

The couple became parents for the first time in the year 2018 when the twins Nicholas and Lucy came into the world, and like his sister, also frequently appear in the publications of their parents.

On the few occasions in which the singer and model have spoken of his private life have always recognized that they would like to form a large familywith the arrival of Masha at the end of January have fulfilled his dream.

If we had doubts, with this dance Anna shows us that despite having hung up the racquets still in great shape, just have to see it.