Becky G chosen as small as to look as big!


Has the strange gift of get nervous with just appearing on stage, the singer Becky G it is capable of alter the mood of the staff just to let you hear your name. The singer went to an event with a top of the smaller left to view a large part of your physical.

The performer just posted a video in which he speaks of the current situation that they are living in the world, even though their message goes especially for the most needy. All its unconditional, its more than 24 million followers, have seen its publication more than a million times in just two daysBecky destroys everything that he does and says.

On the occasion of the pandemic, his song ‘I like doctors’ has been the basis to create a song dedicated to the undersecretary of prevention and promotion of health of Mexico, Hugo López-Gatell, who has become a personality in the networks to talk about the coronavirus, hence the tribute through the song of Becky.

Before the start of the confinement, the interpreter got done with the first positions in the list of singers most-listened to in Mexicohis work, ‘Losing the head’ with Carlos Rivera and Pedro Capo you have received the best reviews.

In one of the ‘shows’ television to those who were invited to sing this theme, Becky dared to wear a bikini as small as I let the sight of your amazing physique, his companions on the stage were amazed with this vision.

The interpreter of ‘Major’ or ‘No pajamas’ just give know your hand in solidarity with a video that has become viral, the same thing will happen with the sales of the bikini so small that it has made, the shops will hang the poster of ‘sold ou’t in brief.