The dance of Thalia in a bathing suit and during the confinement!


With Thalia it is all a matter of attitudeshe better than anyone knows that the bad weather put the best face. To have a fun time and forget the quarantine, Thalia it has put a bikini on your house and has marked a dance.

Despite the closure Thalia has received good news on the part of their fans, among a long list of singers of the stature of Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, or Bad Bunny, Thalia has been chosen as the artist expected to give a concert in ‘streaming’. Of time and in the absence of confirm whether you will be able to carry out, the singer has begun to ask about preferred topics for their unconditional so that in the case of power made, not missing.

Started a long time ago the campaign ‘Kitchen the heart with Thalia’, which now has more meaning than ever, and with which some are graced can interact directly with her on the phone to develop recipes.

And this news adds the trillion visualizations of the topic ‘Since that night’ who sang with Maluma and received the ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’ back in the year 2016. It is not surprising that despite being confined, Thalia ever since a bathing suit, and after dialing a dance to celebrate all these good messages in moments in which the good things are scarce.

Thalia suffering from a long time ago Lyme disease, what is sometimes forced to stay away of his family and of his followers, so he knows the importance of entertaining and entertainment when you are confined at home.

A costume party ‘on-linethe ‘Saturday Night Glitter’ like the one that took place at the end of the last month or a dance in a bikini on the inside of your home to celebrate are some of the ways chosen by the singer to surprise, and the truth is what you get.