Riot announces the return of the forums to the League of Legends community


Riot Games is re-launching an old space of interaction and conversation for the players of Latin america on the 27th of April 2020.

It is a platform of renewed forums with new features and enhanced functions that allow players to interact in a way more organic and fun, in addition to more easily find the information they seek.

A few weeks ago, Riot closed their forums in all over the world the past On march 9 and will no longer be available for consultation from the 16th of march with the intention to focus the conversation of your community on the channels that make the most sense in each region.

Latin america, for its part, opted for an alternative similar to the old forum, but that serves the changing needs of interaction and consultation of information of the players, more dynamic way.

The team performs the final tests and fine-tunes the final details so that the users can enjoy a more customizable, complete, and organized, with features that include:

-Integration in a single forum for all Latin america (in contrast with the previous structure, which divided the forums by server)

-Sections dedicated to different games: League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra. As you progress the development of new games will include their own section on the forums

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-Publications with html code to build content-rich and interactive


-Enabling the use of labels or tags with @ (as in Facebook)

-Subscription to certain notifications and possibility to mark publications favorite

-System gamificado that will allow users to use:

-Badges for reaching certain achievements or participating in special events

-Levels are assigned according to the level of contribution of the users

-Special role for those who participate more actively and help to other players, for example

-Vote system (GG) that allows the community to self-manage the popularity of the content, similar to Reddit.

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With these functions, it is expected that the new forums will be consolidated as a space for the avant-garde to read updates from the developers, talk about the latest developments of the various games, share the best memes, or leaders of the community, or to find the next playmate.

Under guidelines of behavior similar to those of all the official channels, it is expected that the new forums are a mechanism to strengthen the various communities in the new reality of multi-game mixes of Riot Games.