Georgina Rodriguez published one of his most intimate moments with Christian


In addition to skipping a few times, quarantine, Georgina Rodriguez has taken advantage of the lockdown to demonstrate to his followers that Cristiano Ronaldo trust blindly in it. In one of the most intimate moments of seclusion, ‘Gio’ asked the futbolistaque left lead, and he did.

Through their publications just to have the ins and outs of the Festival of San Remo that was last February 6, it was the first time that he served as co-hosted and or the outfit chosen for the occasion or herself in the role of announcer disappoint. The approval of the public he won thanks to a tango.

Passes the confinement together with their children and if rare is the day in which you do not publish a photo or a video showing how to entertain the children, more unlikely still is that appear in them the footballeralthough this time ‘Gio’ has convinced you to do so.

The last of his publications has managed to leave us all with the mouth open to see how the Spanish managed to cut it the hair Christianwith a machine in the hand, and while the passes over his head, Rodriguez only he asks the player to get carried away, and Christian, it does.

The change look thanks to different hairstyles and hair cuts it is a constant in Ronaldo. Have tried all the fads and even dyes of different shade to yours, with frequent change of style because cares very much to its appearance.

Up to the very Christian the confinement supposed to become a stylist yourself, and that this time he has had to exercise it to Georgina.

Jennifer Lopez has turned on to be the manicure, Carolina Cruz Osorio to dye her gray hair and ‘Gio’ gives to the hair salon for Ronaldo follow being as handsome as always, of this closure sure that any of them comes out with a new profession, it is clear.