Wanda Nara is stone ¡Ivana Icardi returns to the fray dressed as well!


As is known to all that the relationship between Wanda Nara and Ivana Icardi it is totally null and void despite the fact that they are “family”. The sister of the famous footballer paris saint-germain, Mauro Icardi, has taken advantage of the first chance it has had for charge against her sister-in-law and accuse her of alienating his brother of his family. It did not seem to go to forgive never the one to the other, and while both are still waging a battle on Instagram pulling of impossible postures and sending recaditos to the other using the message that may accompany each publication. The war is red hot!

Ivana Icardi is now participating in the reality show Mediaset ‘Survivors’, which approaches its end in the next month, despite the arrival of the coronavirus has left all of the tv programs something confusing. Your step by ‘Big Brother’ in Italy it was the springboard for argentina to develop into a figure famous for something more than being the sister of a footballer. He has starred in a several controversial since his arrival at the television, and everything seems to indicate that you are many other that make. At least in that looks like Wanda, both are always in focus of all the controversies.

Despite the fact that their stay in the program is not allowing show off by social networks all you would like to Ivana, once in a while to surprise all their fans with their sensual poses on the beach, showing off the bathing suits that barely cover their attributes. Their 24 years it has already become one of the famous of the moment, has already more than 760 thousand followers in Instagram; and its popularity is increasing. You may of to create controversy wherever it happens it works very well to argentina.

Their war against Wanda Nara has done no more than begin, and the response of his sister-in-law sure isn’t expected. The couple has returned to Italy, but not precisely in order to meet with the family Icardi. Ivana has been called everything already to Wanda, something that you keep doing for a long time, it is clear that do not swallow it, and he has come to saying that you do not want such a person or his worst enemy. The sticks between them they do not cease to follow him and we’ll see as it continues its battle, however, will be through Instagram.