The most danceable beast of Andrea Valdiri. You won’t be able to follow the rhythm!


The colombian Andrea Valdiri has not been able to control his personality eccentric these days of social isolation. It is logical for her to continue being the protagonist in every post on their social networks, making thousands of interactions to their videos from another world. On this occasion, the dancer left with the mouth open to all Instagram.

Incidentally, the song they danced to Andrea in this video is called Bololo Ha Ha, which is a word used in Colombia to describe a lack of control or disorder. Wearing a sports bra, shorts, knee pads and a headband in the form of ears of a bear.

Begins giving a few slow steps, with one foot in front of another and after that the music becomes more enthusiastic. He moves his hips better than Shakira and skill which shows is totally professional. Valdiri, goes beyond itself, giving movement to your entire body, entering into action their arms, which are moved in an artistic way, capturing a lot of attention. In a very short time, the video already account with over 1 million views.

Andrea Valdiri rectified in the quarantine

It seems that the singer has had to endure these days of social distancing in the most positive manner that you know, dancing. Without being able to do anything more than post content and let the world know that, even in times of crisis, whether it’s going to continue to enjoy before the cameras.

Published a video on its YouTube channel that called Day 28 Thousand Quarantine, in which he is seen with friends, shaking your body to the rhythm of the music. Andrea Valdiri makes it all a spectacle and a feast. But days later, after having received several comments reprobatorios, said the following: This space is very important for all of us to be careful about the other without health there is no life that is worth. Which surprised many after his attitude was so giddy.